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Charges for the different data packages are detailed below

     Australian Stock Exchange 

We list all categories of Stocks, Indices, Warrants and Exchange Traded Options.

The Ongoing Charges for downloading are as follows:

$ (incl GST)  
1. All ASX Stocks & Indices - collected after 5pm 49.50
2.  All ASX Stocks & Indices - collected after 8.00pm 44.00
3. All ASX Stocks & Indices - collected after midnight 33.00
4. All ASX Traded Options 22.00
     Live Intraday Snapshots  
5. Market Snapshots # (available between 10am- 4pm Monday-Friday) 11.00

Sydney Futures Exchange 

Includes the SPI, 3 year Bonds, 10 year Bonds, Bank Bills,Wheat, Wool, $Aus.

    DAY SESSION (Floor), SYCOM, & COMBINED (syscom + floor) trades are covered.

    In each case we include the ‘Current Contract’ and the ‘Next’ available contract.

  incl GST
All SFE items 16.50

Composite World Market

- Overseas Indices, Commodities and Exchange Rates 

Indices Dow Jones(Real, Industrial,Transport & Utililies), S&P 500, Nasdaq,  Ftse100, Dax, Cac,  Nikkei, CRB, Hang Seng
Exchange Rates US-Dollar, Yen, D-Mark, Swiss Franc, Pound, Euro $
Finance US Bills, Bonds and Notes
Commodities Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Lead, Platinum, Tin, Zinc, Aluminium, Oil, Sugar, Coffee, Cocoa, Soya Beans, Wheat. 


  $ incl.GST
 Overseas Indices,Commodities and Exchange Rates 22.00

 # A total minimum annual charge of $199.00 applies. For overseas users this is $299 per year.

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