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Data Feed

Our data service includes extensive historical data and the daily Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and Open Interest for:

Australian Stock Exchange
SFE Futures Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
New York Board of Trade
New York Mercantile Exchange
International Commodities, Currencies & Indices
World Indices
FOREX - Interbank Foreign Exchange

We also provide:

  • Automatic adjustments for share splits, name changes, bonus issues and other capital related changes.

  • The Official S&P ASX Index values for the 12 Economic Sectors and 23 Industry Groups based on GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard)

  • Fundamental Data including PE Ratios

  • Industry Group classifications for companies.

  • Automatic deletions of delisted companies and expired warrants.

and our service is compatible with all major Charting software, such as:

  • MetaStock

  • Advanced GET

  • Fibonacci Trader

  • Gann Trader

  • Market Analyst

  • Omni Trader

  • SuperCharts

  • TradeStation

  • Wall Street Analyst

  • Wave Trader/Cycle Trader

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