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    Data Management Software

Included in the cost of the service is the Communication / Data Management Software to collect your data and to distribute it into your Charting Software.

You will receive (Global Equity Manager Professional)  

...the ultimate software for updating and managing your data.  The Global Equity Manager is provided to you as part of our service, including upgrades that introduce exciting new features.  GemPro is designed to manage multiple exchanges with a simple to use and intuitive interface.

GemPro can update and manage a variety of data formats that are used by charting software such as MetaStock, EzyChart, SuperCharts, ProChart, Advanced Get, Fibonacci Trader, Market Analyst, Omni Trader, TradeStation, TechniFilter Plus, Gann Trader etc.

 Features of GEMPRO

Market Scanner

Scan the Market for Technical and Fundamental (where available) criteria and automatically create a data folder containing the results.  The Market Scanner features an easy to use, point and click interface using the Indicators and Fundamental criteria you select. After the scan is complete, you can easily scroll through the results using the basic charting facility in GemPro or your own charting software.  The Market Scanner is specifically for our MetaStock compatible data format.

 Basic Charting

GemPro features a Charting utility that includes a selection of Moving Average indicators.  It is ideal to review the results of a Market Scan or the latest activities of securities in your WatchList folders.  Easy to use with the convenience of scrolling backwards or forwards through the list of securities selected.

 Portfolio Manager

GemPro includes a Portfolio Manager integrated with GemPro's MetaStock compatible database for automatic Portfolio valuations.  Key features of the Portfolio Manager include Capital Gains reporting, Dividend recording and reporting functions for Current values.

 Maintainance of Data by Industry Sector

A new feature in GemPro is the ability to easily maintain your database in the new S & P Industry Groups. This feature allows you to move your data files to a folder structure that reflects the constituents of any one of the first two industry sector levels.

To move your data files to a new Industry level is as simple as clicking an icon on the toolbar and selecting the level required.  Maintaining your database in the desired sector level is just as simple.

For more information, please refer the the Help file installed with GemPro.

Custom Watch List data folders

GemPro makes it possible to create your own customisable folders containing data for the specific stocks, securities or indices you have chosen.  Each Watch List can be easily updated or amended when you need to add or remove items.

Each Watch List allows you to quickly review the trading activity in each list directly from GemPro, as well as from your charting software.

Pre-defined Watch List data folders

In addition to your own customised Watch Lists, GemPro can also import a selection of pre-defined Watch Lists based on various Index constituents.  The current lists available include:

  • S&P ASX 20 Leaders
  • S&P ASX 50 Leaders
  • S&P ASX Mid Cap 50
  • S&P ASX Small Ords
  • S&P ASX 100
  • S&P ASX 200
  • FTSE 100
  • FTSE 250

Collecting a Pre-Set WatchList is carried out from the WatchList tab within GemPro.  Please refer to the illustration below for more information.

Fundamental Data

GemPro automatically updates the Fundamental data for companies on a weekly basis.  The data includes Dividend Amounts, Ex-Dividend Dates, Earnings per Share and other information indicated in the illustration below.

Fundamental Data Screen

Intra-day Download

GemPro includes the ability to collect Intra-day data from the ASX as part of the ASX download service.

Intra-day downloads are included at no additional cost for clients who subscribe to our 5.00pm or 7.45pm service.

 The data is delayed (minimum delay is 20 minutes) and available at the times outlined on our website.

ASX Intra-day Timetable

Signal Time Download Time
11:00 am 11:20 am
12:00 pm 12:20 pm
01:00 pm 01:20 pm
02:00 pm 02:20 pm
03:00 pm 03:20 pm

Handy Sort Utility

The World Exchanges and WatchList views of GemPro include a unique feature to sort Securities. The sort function enables a quick analysis of the days trading when you apply a sort by Percentage Change, Volume or Price. You can also sort by Name or ticker Code to easily find a specific security. 

GemPro Display Grid

GemPro provides a window to your data through the Portfolio Grid, which includes many features for viewing, sorting, locating and managing your data. The Portfolio grid includes three sections:

  • The World Exchanges view shows the available exchanges and a list of the stocks or securities for each exchange in a spreadsheet layout. It is possible to view, edit, chart and sort the data in the grid, as well as view the stocks related to a specific industry group.

  • The Snapshot view provides the interface to real-time data for selected ASX stocks and indices. The collected data can then be distributed to your database for “end-of-day” analysis of the intra-day data.

  • The Watch List view allows you to create your own customisable lists to quickly check the progress of your favourite stocks.

The illustration below depicts the World Exchanges’ section showing stocks specific to the selected Industry Group.


Quick Find Utility

GemPro includes a Quick Find Utility to help you easily locate the folder for a specific stock or security.  This is a particularly handy tool to locate the folder for a stock, especially when your database is in an Industry Group structure.

The icon to launch the utility is automatically placed in the Window’s System Tray (the area next to the time usually located in the bottom right of your screen).

To launch the Find utility, double-click the icon or single click and select the Open option from the pop-up menu.

The main GemPro program does not need to be running to use the Quick Find utility.

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